Letter From John Wilson

“Life comes at you fast!” Anyone know who said that? It was a Nationwide Insurance campaign that began a long successful run in 2004. Well, I can speak from experience… life does come at you fast. In 1994, my wife, 6 month old daughter and I were impacted in a very meaningful way by a house fire. We lost everything we had, except for the clothes on our backs.

Fortunately, we had two things going for us that many don’t have. The first and maybe most important was that we had renters insurance. I didn’t want to buy it, but my wife insisted, and for the price of about 2 Starbucks coffees a month, we had enough insurance coverage to replace some of our possessions. The second was the company that I worked for had an employee relief fund. I was fortunate enough to get an award that at least allowed us to start on the road to recovery. Neither one of these by themselves replaced everything we lost, but it was a start, and that was all we needed! My family’s experience was the genesis of the idea to form a similar fund here at Rollins.

The Rollins Employee Relief Fund was established in 2014 with seed money from our company as well as from the Rollins family. This wonderful non-profit and tax exempt organization has now helped a number of your fellow employees suffering from major life events such as hurricanes, gas explosions, home fires and even unexpected deaths in their family. Employees who want to help will not need to write an unplanned check when a co-worker experiences a catastrophe.Our team members can contribute at any time, as often as they wish, or they can make planned regular contributions right from their paycheck.

To be completely clear, any eligible employee who has a need for emergency financial assistance can apply. The best part is that this whole effort is governed by a committee consisting of your fellow employees across many Rollins brands, so you know full well that your donations are well spent, and spent on the right thing, every time!

There is an application, and it’s pretty detailed, but that is so that the Grant Committee can help determine the exact need. They can review any application quickly to make an emergency decision on an employee in need.

The Rollins Employee Relief Fund will be sustained long term by YOU and your fellow employees. Every dollar you donate is tax deductible! We’ve tried to make it easy to contribute – either by payroll deduction or by PayPal –and I hope you’ll participate.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the Rollins Employee Relief Fund, I hope you’ll let us know.

Contribute Today

At Rollins, we consider ourselves a family of coworkers. When one family member suffers a catastrophe, we all want to pitch in to help. It’s been part of our culture for decades. That is the reason for the Rollins Employee Relief Fund.