Rollins employees are eligible to apply for a grant if they have been employed by Rollins for at least 90 days either full- or part-time. Temporary or per diem company employees and consultants are not eligible to apply.

Although an application may only be submitted by or for an eligible employee, assistance may benefit that individual’s immediate family (spouse or children) or for any other person for whom the employee provides primary financial support.


The Rollins Employee Relief Fund awards grants to eligible employees who have suffered unusual financial hardships for reasons beyond their control, are experiencing a time of personal or family crisis, or who need temporary financial relief and assistance due to a disaster.

Here are some examples of qualified events:

  • A fire destroys an eligible employee’s home and personal belongings.
  • An eligible employee’s home is destroyed from a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc.)

Here are some examples of unqualified events:

  • An eligible employee needs general legal assistance.
  • An eligible employee or his/her immediate family member’s car is repossessed as a result of missing payments.
  • An eligible employee’s spouse lost his/her job.
  • An eligible employee or one of his/her immediate family members can’t afford to attend college.

The governance committee reserves the right to deny repeat requests for continuing circumstances extending over several years or make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.


Once an employee fills out an application and sends it to the Rollins human resources department, a governance committee – made up of Rollins employees – meets to determine if the employee is eligible to receive a grant.

In the case of an emergency or natural disaster, the committee will meet in an on-call session to review the applicant’s situation and make a determination.

The Rollins Employee Relief Fund will give the grant money directly to a third party on behalf of and for the benefit of the employee (for temporary apartment housing, furniture or clothing supplier, etc.). The organization doesn’t select the third party goods or service providers, but instead, remits payments directly to them. For example, if applying for help with outstanding utility bills, the Rollins Employee Relief Fund will send a check directly to the utility company instead of to the applicant, if the application is approved.