Rollins Employee Relief Fund

At Rollins, we consider ourselves a family of coworkers. When one family member suffers a catastrophe, we all want to pitch in to help. It’s been part of our culture for decades. That is the reason for the Rollins Employee Relief Fund.
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Throughout the decades, our employees have come through with support for their coworkers. Now, with the Rollins Employee Relief Fund, employees can contribute as much as they want, whenever they want.


The Rollins Employee Relief Fund is a proactive, ongoing program to make it easier for employees to contribute as much as they want whenever they want, instead of giving a one-time donation in the face of a specific emergency.


The Rollins Employee Relief Fund helps with devastating personal events as well. Coworkers can support each other through life’s individual crises like house fires, personal illness or a sudden personal loss.

Recent Causes

Raise Your Funds for a Cause.
RaQuen Cotton
RaQuen Cotton and her family survived Hurricane Isaac with just the clothes on their backs.
Hurricane Andrew
“I don’t recall the company ever experiencing a natural disaster of this magnitude. People responded with contributions and offers to help in any way possible.”
Robin Wolf
Robin, a 15-year employee, was at her home in La Place, La. and woke up Sunday morning to no electricity and no water.

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Help support grants provided to eligible employees who have suffered unusual financial hardships for reasons beyond their control, are experiencing a time of personal or family crisis, or who need temporary financial relief and assistance due to a disaster.

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Letter from John Wilson
Hear from Rollins President and COO about how the company was inspired to establish the Fund.
Employee Stories
Meet two employees you helped in the first year of the Rollins Employee Relief Fund.
Employee Stories Video
Meet employees you helped with Rollins Employee Relief Fund.

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Several options are available to allow employees and non-employees to contribute to the Rollins Employee Relief Fund.

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