Mental Health          

At Rollins, we consider ourselves a family of co-workers.

Life can be difficult sometimes, and very few people get through it without experiencing some kind of personal tragedy or hardship this can be both physical and mental. Mental Health includes our emotional, phsychological and social well being.  It also helps determine how we handle stress, mental health is very important at all stages of life. Reaching out for help is sometimes the hardest part escpecially when you don’t feel comfortable speaking to a co-worker or a leader in your branch or office.

There are many resourses that can help you through a difficult time, you can seek help at the following links just to name a few:  Username: pest  Password: control

Don’t let Mental Health go unchecked reach out for help. EAP or the Employee Assistance Program is a great outlet for our family of co-workers here at Rollins and there famlies at home. Remember it’s you it’s me it’s all of us that Mental Health affects.